Will Percy the Pelican ever return to Warkworth?

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So who is Percy the Pelican?

Now let me tell you some local history about Percy.  If you don’t live in Warkworth you may never have heard of Percy and the fact that he is so popular in the village that the local magazine is even named after him.

Percy the Pelican was first spotted in Druridge Bay but soon took up residence on the River Coquet at Warkworth from 1973 to 1976.  He lived in and around Warkworth and was often seen at the Cricket grounds or down by the estuary by the nature reserve.  He was such a celebrity that he had his food supplemented by local fisherman and visitors and the Reverend at the time, Stephen Huxley, even renamed the parish magazine the “The Pelican” after him.  It is thought that he was blown off course on his migration from the Nile to Eastern Europe.  Obviously his life in Warkworth was just too good for him to ever want to leave.

Unfortunately, around Christmas 1976, Percy was found dead near the waterworks.  Percy was handed over to the natural history society, was stuffed, and went on display at the Hancock museum for over 30 years.  When the museum was closed Percy was put in storage.  He was brought out for 1 day only on 8th September 2017 but has since returned to the storage area of the Great North Museum.

However, even though Percy is out of sight he is not out of mind and the locals have signed a petition to return Percy home to Warkworth.   Watch this space for any updated news on the most famous bird in the village.

Apologies to Percy but the picture is just of a normal Pelican, not our famous friend!!

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