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12th December 2017
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5th February 2018
Simon Lowe

Simon Lowe Photographer

Be sure to check out some of Simon's amazing photography below:

Who are you?
I’m Simon Lowe, a professional photographer based in the North-East.

What is your business?
I take photos of people and places, providing commercial photography for North-East events and businesses, showing them in their best light. I also create fine art landscape photography - living in such picturesque surroundings, it’d be rude not to!

How did you get started with what you do?
My Grandad showed me how to use a film camera when I was 9 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I bought my first digital camera 10 years ago, and haven’t looked back since.  My landscape work’s appeared in local and national exhibitions and been featured in The Guardian newspaper. For many years photography was a hobby, but having branched out into portraiture and more people-based stuff in recent years, I took the plunge and launched my photography business last year.

What do you like most about living in Northumberland?
I love the wide open spaces. Our beaches are justifiably world-famous for their spectacular settings, but the Cheviots are our best kept secret: epic views, rugged hills and best of all, the silence! You can walk for hours without seeing a soul despite being an hour’s drive from the bustle of Newcastle!

What’s your greatest achievement?
Hmm - this’ll sound really corny, but it’s true: my family.

How can people find out more about what you do?
If that last answer hasn’t put you off, have a look at my website: www.simonlowephoto.co.uk and check out my landscape photography blog too:  simonlowephoto.wordpress.com

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